Williamsburg Hometown IGA Sued for Religious Discrimination

Williamsburg Hometown IGA is being sued for religious discrimination.

The federal lawsuit reports Matthew Barnett insists he was refused an Assistant Manager position “because of his Spiritualist Rastafarian dreadlocks hairstyle.”

When Barnett was interviewed by management staff, the suit states he was informed he would need to cut his dreadlocks to work there.

Barnett stated that his dreadlocks are worn for his religious beliefs, and he would not cut them. The interview then immediately concluded, and the store refused to hire him.

The Kentucky Daily went to Williamsburg Hometown IGA to speak with management and was told, “I was told to say 'no comment' and not to speak with the media on it [the lawsuit]."

The federal lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, Dec. 27, by the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

You can read the press release from EEOC here: Williamsburg Hometown Iga Sued by EEOC for Religious Discrimination | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Staff Report by The Kentucky Daily

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