Whitley Weights set to open in Williamsburg

Cumberland Regional Mall has officially leased a 3,700-square foot space to local couple Tanner Broughton and Lauren Lambdin.

The two have been busy transforming the space into Whitley Weights. A "one size fits all" fitness center in Williamsburg for the Whitley County community.

“We’ve been working on this for roughly six months to create a fitness center that would exceed the standards and expectations of the community,” said Broughton.

Whitley Weights will offer deadlift platforms, squat racks, power racks, and to cater to student-athletes, dumbbells that range from 5 lbs to 150 lbs. The space will also offer fitness classes and personal trainers on staff for additional fitness services.

The center will also have a variety of cardio and exercise equipment and a private recreation room for those introverts who prefer to work out in their own private space.

The center is open to adults 18 or older. Teens (13-17) will be able to lift with a written consent and liability waiver from a parent or guardian. A family member 18 years of age must be present as they use the equipment.

“Our goal at Whitley Weights is to provide a welcoming environment to the people of the community and address a lack of a proper diet/exercise and lack of proper mental health with fitness and proper health education,” said Broughton. “Having a background primarily in practicing medicine and fitness throughout southeastern Kentucky, I’ve experienced and witnessed first hand the dangers of drug abuse and the detrimental effects of these issues especially during the times of COVID-19.”

A Whitley Weights membership will be $35 per month for 24-hour access to the center. Members will be provided a key card to “badge in” anytime, day or night.

Staff hours will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon-Fri.

Family plans are also available, and first responders will be offered a 10% discount.

“Come work out with us,” said Lambdin. “We would love for the community to come out and see what we have to offer.”

Whitley Weights is projected to open on Friday, August 1.

For more information or if you have any questions, visit Whitley Weights on Facebook or call owner Tanner Broughton at 606-627-5948.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at the Kentucky Daily

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