Whitley County Extension Office to host Survival Snaring class

The Whitley County Cooperative Extension Office of Agriculture & Natural Resources will soon host a “Survival Snaring” event as part of their annual Cook Wild Kentucky program.

“Cook Wild was developed in response to food pantries being hesitant to accept deer meat donations because they were unsure of what to do with the meat and how to cook it properly," said Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent Stacy White.

While Kentuckians are aware that animals are in the woods and can be hunted down, White decided that hosting a “Survival Snaring” event would give those who would like to learn how to catch wild game an opportunity to see hands-on - a beaver’s skin be shed, it’s meat cut, and prepared to eat.

White said using a snare (steel-cable) to catch animals is the most simple and basic step to hunting wild game. This event gives anyone the chance to learn how to use a snare as well as learn about the heritage behind hunting, fishing, and snaring.

Cook Wild Kentucky started as a series of over 20 simple recipes with some of the state's most popular wild game, including deer, rabbit, fish, frog, dove, and duck.

Since then, it has turned into a multifaceted program that includes: 34 wild game recipes, annual agent training, a publication series (soon to be two), and now an event hosted by the Whitley County Extension Office that will provide hands-on hunting skills.

“We’re in economic trouble in this nation and need to make preparations, so if you got this skill [survival snaring] in your back pocket, if things get tight…you got something to turn to,” said White. “There’s food all around you.”

Cook Wild Kentucky was developed in partnership with the University of Kentucky, Feeding Kentucky, KY Hunters for the Hungry, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, and Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

To view Cook Wild Kentucky recipe cards visit, or to attend the “Survival Snaring” event, visit the Whitley. County Extension Office at 4275 N. HWY 25W, Williamsburg, KY 40769.

The event will take place May 24 at 6 p.m.

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