Whitley County Beekeepers Association to host Bee School for Beginners and Advanced Beekeepers

The Whitley County Beekeepers Association will host Bee School for beginners and experts alike on Saturday, April 16, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Whitley County Extension Office in Williamsburg.  

Classes will be held for both new and advanced beekeepers, including 2 in-hive demonstrations. All who pre-register will also be entered in a drawing for a free smoker.  

Many door prizes have been donated by WD Bryants, Dadant, Smokey Ridge Apiaries, and Owen Automotive for those who attend. There will be t-shirts for sale and a silent auction. In addition, three full-sized hives that have overwintered 3+ years will be auctioned off. This event will be outside (weather permitting), so all are encouraged to attend.

Julia Mahood is the keynote speaker for the event. Mahood has been keeping bees for almost 20 years at her home in Atlanta, Georgia. She has long been fascinated by the secret life of drones and revolutionized the method for finding drone congregation sites (DCAs) using a flying drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle.

As a Georgia Master Beekeeper, she is the past President of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association. An advocate for prison beekeeping programs, she teaches beekeeping at the Lee Arrendale Women's prison. A graphic artist, Julia, designed the new Georgia "Save the Honey Bee" license plate. She was named the 2018 GBA beekeeper of the year.

In addition, Kentucky State Apiarist Dr. Tammy Horn Potter will give two in-hive demonstrations on inspection best practices and mite sampling. Potter has been keeping bees for 25 years and is the author of 3 beekeeping books. She is the founder of Coal Country Beeworks, focused on improving large-scale reclaimed surface mine pollinator habitats, enabling beekeeping on these mine sites, and providing education and beekeeping skills to local communities in Eastern Kentucky. Tammy is indispensable in her support of beekeepers across the state of Kentucky and has received numerous awards for her contributions to Kentucky, the US, and the world.

There are multiple ways to register for this exciting day of learning:


In Person: Whitley County Extension Office: (606) 549-1430

For more information, see the Whitley County Beekeepers Association Facebook page or contact the Whitley County Extension Office at 606-549-1430.

Press Release by Theresa Martin, Whitley County Beekeepers Association President

Photos by Whitley County Beekeepers Association

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