Staind's Aaron Lewis to perform at the Corbin Arena

Aaron Lewis and The Stateliners will perform at The Corbin Arena on Thursday night, February 24, for the Frayed at Both Ends Acoustic Tour.

This year has largely been a balancing act for Lewis. Lewis is best known as lead vocalist for the hard rock band Staind, but he has now pursued a solo career in country music.

Referring to his Frayed at Both Ends album, Lewis said, "This is an album of saying things that need to be said about how people actually live. Life isn't easy. Most people drink to forget, or drive for hours trying to get away from what they can't let go of or leave behind. Work takes it out of you. Love falls short or destroys you. Disappointments stack up. But still you have to keep going — and how you do that says everything about the man that you are."

Tickets are still available and can be purchased on or found on Corbin Arena's website

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