Sheriff write-in candidate apprehended by Williamsburg Police Department

A Whitley County Sheriff’s Department write-in candidate was apprehended on Monday afternoon after he reportedly discharged a firearm at a local gas station.

According to the arrest citation, James Walden, 54, was apprehended by Williamsburg Detective Lieutenant Freeman on one charge of First Degree Wanton Endangerment following a verbal argument in the Pilot parking lot.

While en route, Dispatch notified Freeman that a firearm had been discharged.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with Brandon Copeland.

Copeland advised he was talking to James Walden’s son when James exited his vehicle with a firearm in hand, then aimed the firearm at him and gave verbal commands.

As Copeland fled the scene, Walden discharged his firearm toward him, and the projectile reportedly went in the direction of the Hampton Inn.

Copeland fled to Vapor Fox, asking them to call 911, and explained he had been shot at.

Video from Pilot revealed Walden exiting his vehicle with a firearm in hand, pointing it toward Copeland, which led to Walden discharging his firearm toward the Hampton Inn.

Officers stated there were several innocent bystanders present at Pilot and several vehicles on 92W when the firearm was discharged.

Walden explained he recognized Copeland from a prior theft and advised Copeland had an active warrant. However, Freeman advised that Copeland did not.

The Kentucky Daily will update with an arraignment date for Walden once the information is made available.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at The Kentucky Daily

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