Pres Biden visits Western KY, makes remarks, and tours damage

President Joe Biden traveled to western Kentucky today.

"I intend to do whatever it takes as long as it takes, as long as it takes to support your state, your local leaders, and as you recover and rebuild because you will recover and you will rebuild," Biden said this afternoon in a televised speech. "You know, the scope and scale of this destruction is almost beyond belief when you look around here. It's just almost beyond belief. These tornadoes devoured everything in their path."

The President toured Mayfield with Governor Andy Beshear and local officials. It's reported that Biden spoke about how long it will take to recover and committed to staying with the people for as long as it takes.

The President confirmed with Beshear that Kentucky is reporting 74 dead. Biden also spoke of 14 dead in other states, including dozens missing and feared dead.

Fox News reports that the President, accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, received a briefing at an airport in Mayfield, then surveyed the area by air and on foot.

The National Weather Service has issued a statement that the tornado that passed through western Kentucky and devastated Mayfield was an EF-4 tornado with 190 mph winds. The path of the storm stretched for 128 miles. The storm was on the ground for nearly 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Gov. Beshear, on Twitter today, thanked the entire country for its support, "Kentuckians are tough. We are resilient people. But we also feel the love from this entire country. We can't thank the people of America enough for your support during this time. ^AB"

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