Police search for men stealing ATMs across Tri-County

Local police are working together to track down a group of men wanted in connection with ATM thefts across the Tri-County.

The most recent ATM theft happened at Express Mart on Exit 15 in Williamsburg at 1:18 a.m. on Sunday, August 28, according to Williamsburg Officer Dorman Patrick.

Knox County Sheriff Smith confirmed three ATMs have been stolen from local businesses in Knox.

“The first on Route 11 [at S&M Grocery and Grill in Girdler], they used a stolen UHaul,” said Sheriff Smith, “and then on August 5, they hit  Cope’s Grocery in Gray and Creek Mart in Flat Lick early in the morning, they used a stolen church van out of Bell County.”

Police say three unidentified men dressed in masks and hoodies are pulling up to local businesses after hours, then they tie a chain to the ATM, yanking it out of the wall, and work together to drive away with the machine.

The case is still in the preliminary stages. It is unknown at this time how much cash has been stolen in total across the Tri-County.

“If anybody has any information, no matter how small, please contact us so we can develop leads,” said Sheriff Smith.

Police are actively patrolling multiple gas stations and convenience stores. Businesses with ATMs are also asked to ensure their security measures are working properly.

If you notice suspicious activity or have information on these suspects, contact:

Whitley Dispatch: 606-549-6017

Laurel Dispatch:   606-878-7000

or Knox Dispatch:  606-546-3441

This is a developing story. The Kentucky Daily will release additional information as it becomes available.

Staff Report from The Kentucky Daily

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