Parkinson’s in Motion is offering a three-day book discussion at Laurel County Public Library.

Baptist Health Medical Group Board Member Jane Rice Williams took to the podium to make a special announcement at September’s Southern Kentucky Chamber meeting.

In 2016, Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and in 2018, she organized what is now called Parkinson’s in Motion. As Director, she works diligently to reach and motivate Parkinson’s patients, particularly focusing on the underserved areas of Southeastern Kentucky.

“Parkinson’s is a man-made condition and it’s growing exponentially,” said Williams. “Six to ten million people have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and it is expected to be, by 2040, up around 13 million so we’ve got to do something to put an end to Parkinson’s.” She said, “We know what chemicals are causing Parkinson’s. In fact, it’s the pesticide that they use to go behind round-up and kill what round-up leaves behind.” She added, “It permeates through into water and into homes.”

Williams will be holding a three-part book discussion on Ending Parkinson's Disease: A

Prescription for Action by Dr. Ray Dorsey, Dr. Todd Sherer, Dr. Michael S. Okun, and Dr. Bastiaan Bloem.

The book discussion will be held in the Community Room at Laurel County Public Library and will include special guests in each session via Zoom.

A representative from the Michael J. Fox Foundation will join for the first two sessions then author Dr. Ray Dorsey will join in the final session.

Session one already took place on Tuesday, September 12, but it isn’t too late to get involved.

Session two will talk about The Growth of Parkinson's and Reasons Why and will be on Tuesday, September 20, followed by Session three, which will cover How to Make a Difference with Special Guest Author Dr. Dorsey on Tuesday, September 27.

“We’re working through Appalachia to try to bring diagnosis and give people the help that they need,” concluded Williams.

Admission is free, but registration is required. To register for the book discussion, visit

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at The Kentucky Daily

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