Lynn Camp Elementary Receives Funding For Full-Time Family Resource Center

More exciting news for the students and families attending Lynn Camp Elementary School next year.

The Knox County Board of Education will be receiving funding for a full-time family resource center coordinator to serve the school.

In the prior preschool/K-12 configuration, one coordinator served both buildings and all grades.  The new position at the elementary will allow each coordinator to focus on their own school building and grade levels.  The opportunity to collaborate on meeting student needs and removing barriers will be a strong bond between the two.  There may be instances where a family includes students from both the elementary and middle/high school that needs assistance from the centers.  Also, the two coordinators may want to collaborate on family outreach activities that would impact families of all grades.

"This position comes with full salary and also funding to be used for the students," said Gina Sears, director overseeing family resource and youth services in Knox County.  Sears stated that in addition to the new position, Knox County received additional state funding to support students in the upcoming year.

"Instead of having one person spread thin, both schools will have someone in their building with adequate resources that can quickly respond to student needs."

"We certainly appreciate current family resource and youth center coordinator Darya Logan for her work serving both schools in the preschool through grade 12 combination.  Our FRYSC do a lot of behind the scenes work that goes unnoticed. That can be difficult in a school the size of Lynn Camp combined.  I'm excited for her as she gets to focus her time and attention on the students at the middle high school."

The new position will be posted on the KCPS employment page following the May 19 Board of Education meeting.

Press Release & Photos courtesy of Frank Shelton, KCPS Director of District Communications and System Governance

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