Local/Crime Knox County Sheriff's Dept arrests a man hiding in a house.

On Christmas Eve (Dec 24), the Knox County Sheriff's Department received a call about a man outside of a home on Valentine Branch Road in Cannon.

When deputies arrived, they saw that two windows were broken. Deputy Jesse Smith could hear someone walking around in the house. He identified himself and told the person to exit the building. No one did.

Deputy Smith entered the home and found a man hiding under miscellaneous items on the floor. The man was ordered to show his hands and come out from under the stuff. He refused.

The suspect fought back when the deputy tried to pull the man out from under the items.

After a short altercation, Deputy Smith arrested Jordan Jones (26) of Bimble, KY. He is residing in Knox County Detention Center charged with Burglary - 3rd degree, Criminal Mischief - 3rd degree, Resisting Arrest, and Menacing.

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