Laurel County man appointed to Kentucky boards and commissions.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear made appointments to the Kentucky boards and commissions on Tuesday, July 5. This occasion happened to include one Laurel County man in the line-up.  

Gov. Beshear appointed Donald McFadden as the Property Valuation Administrator for Laurel County. McFadden has over 10 years of experience as Chief Deputy of the Laurel County PVA. He will be replacing Joyce Parker, who retired after serving as Property Valuation Administrator for 18 years.

Other appointments made by the Governor:

• Joan Brown as the Magistrate for the Fifth District of Clay County.

• Tom Abell, Brenda Gosney, and Lance Lucas as members of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees.

• Edwin Orange and Kristie Whitlatch as members of the Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents.

• Gary Broady and Melissa Dennison as members of the Western Kentucky University Board of Regents.

• Nathan Smith and Brad Zapp as members of the Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents.

• Laura Russell as a member of the Morehead State University Board of Regents. The Governor has also reappointed Craig Preece.

• Reappointed - Gerald Patton and Robert Ramsey as members of the Kentucky State University Board of Regents.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at the Kentucky Daily

Photo via Donald McFadden’s Facebook page

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