KY GOP general assembly overrides veto; passes anti-trans bill

The Kentucky Senate overrode a veto of Senate Bill 150 by Governor Andy Beshear of an anti-transgender bill. Besjear said he felt the bill  "rips away the freedom of parents to make medical decisions for their children."

The state legislature decided that a veto shouldn’t stop them from passing the bill. As predicted, the GOP supermajority easily overrode the veto and put the bill in place, a bill that prevents minors from receiving gender care, from gender being discussed in schools, and more.

Hundreds of people gathered on Wednesday to rally for and against Senate Bill 150, which addresses personal aspects of young trans people's lives. The bill bans gender-affirming care for minors, blocks teachers from using a student's preferred pronouns, requires schools to base bathroom policies on biological sex, and limits discussion about LGBTQ issues in sex education classes.

Protesters against the legislation filled the Capitol lawn, while a smaller rally supporting the bill formed inside the rotunda. The Senate, which is dominated by the GOP, passed the measure 29-8 before it went to the Republican-majority House. Protesters disrupted the House chambers by chanting against the bill.

The general assembly pushed through the veto override, changing gender-affirming care in Kentucky. Many opponents believe that it will increase the rates of suicide among young people who need gender guidance and therapy. Advocates claim that this will protect young people from unnecessary and irreversible gender transitions.

Gender-affirming care for minors is facing restrictions or bans in at least 10 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, and South Dakota. A ban is awaiting approval from the Republican governor in West Virginia. However, federal judges have prevented laws in Alabama and Arkansas from being enforced. Additionally, approximately 20 other states are currently considering legislation to limit or prohibit gender-affirming care this year.

These cultural issues are ground zero for upcoming elections, with young people warning that as they get the right to vote, they won't forget the restrictive actions of today's politicians.

Billy Mosley, Lead reporter for The Kentucky Daily

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