Kentucky to Receive over $74 million for Land Mine Reclamation

According to a press release from Kentucky U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell's office, McConnell announced on Monday, February 7 the Department of Interior will fund over $74,000,000 to the state of Kentucky to reclaim abandoned mines and clean up mining sites via the Abandoned Mine Land (AML) program.

"On behalf of Eastern Kentucky, we would like to thank Senator McConnell for the AML funding that will allow Eastern Kentucky more economic opportunities for infrastructure and job growth. This announcement is a great example of how federal, state and local governments can work together to invest in projects that greatly benefit us all as we work together to build a stronger and better economy in Eastern Kentucky," said Betsy Clemons, Executive Director of the Hazard Perry County Chamber of Commerce, Board Secretary of the Hazard Perry County Economic Development Alliance, and Board Secretary of the Coalfields Industrial Board.

The AML program has helped reclaim unproductive mine lands, close up abandoned mine shafts, repair unstable slopes, improve local water quality, and create new economic opportunities in areas formerly used for mining. In turn, these activities create Kentucky jobs and provide new destinations for recreation, infrastructure, and economic development. According to the Department of Interior, over the next fifteen years, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will provide enough funding to address the vast majority of abandoned mine lands across the country and in Kentucky.

The AML program has already provided funding throughout Kentucky to establish new projects on abandoned mine lands. In addition, the press release stated Bell County took advantage of an AMLER grant to build a new Appalachian wildlife viewing area, the City of Pikeville used one to construct a new children's hospital, the City of Albany received AML funds to overhaul its water system. Johnson County utilized the program to fund an educational and manufacturing skills training program.

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