Jellico Vegetation Management proposal calls for cutting trees in Whitley and McCreary counties; Public meeting to be held

Several have shared their concerns on Facebook regarding a United States Forest Service proposal that could potentially clear out wooded areas in their backyards.

The Daniel Boone National Forest (Stearns Ranger District) confirmed with The Kentucky Daily that, yes, the Jellico Vegetation Management project is being proposed. Still, they are currently taking public comments on the project. This would affect Whitley and McCreary counties.

“No deforestation or conversion of land use is proposed,” confirmed Timothy Eling, Public Affairs of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

However, what is suggested are silviculture treatments prescribed by U.S. Forest Service professionals.

Silviculture involves commercial harvest (such as harvesting timber wood, Christmas trees, and maple syrup for commercial value). This also means road work, salvage, and intermediate vegetation treatments could be done to the area.

Eling stated these treatments would provide biodiversity and healthy forest structure over time, as well as promote diverse wildlife habitats and ensure long-term forest health.

Any commercial treatment contracts can be bid using an open bidding process.

“While anyone can bid, often the work is done by local businesses,” Eling said.

He also confirmed operators are implementing commercial timber harvests from Pulaski Co., McCreary Co., Laurel Co., and Whitley Co., which is in the Stearns Ranger District.

For more info on the project proposal,  visit

OR you can attend a public meeting on these proposals on Thursday, November 17, at 6 pm. at the Whitley County Cooperative Extension Office.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at The Kentucky Daily

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