Gov. Beshear Activates State Price Gouging Laws to Combat High Gas Prices

Governor declares state of emergency to protect Kentuckians from price gouging

In a further effort to provide relief for Kentuckians from record gas prices, Gov. Andy Beshear issued an executive order today, declaring a state of emergency and activated the state’s price gouging laws to protect families from grossly overpriced gasoline and motor fuels.

With the state of emergency in place, consumers in the commonwealth can report price gouging to the Office of the Attorney General and under state law price gougers can be held accountable.

“Kentucky families deserve relief from increasing gas prices,” Gov. Beshear said. “Everyone sitting at a kitchen table working on a budget knows that every little bit helps, and I will continue to seek and take any action that might make even the slightest difference.”

Gov. Beshear took today’s action because he believes strongly that even minimal relief is better than no relief.

The Governor’s order also activates state price-gouging laws, which aim to protect families seeking to purchase formula from the predatory pricing that can occur when supplies are limited due to high demand. Today, he extended the order for 30 more days.

The Governor continues to urge Kentucky families to immediately report any instance of price gouging to the Office of the Attorney General.

Press Release & Photo by Crystal Staley and Scottie Ellis, Media Office of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

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