Father arrested after forcing entry into Corbin home with a weapon to reach children

A father was arrested Sunday morning after he reportedly forced entry into a room with a weapon to reach his children inside.

Whitley County 911 reported a male subject was under the influence and possibly armed, causing a disturbance at a residence on Devils Creek in the Corbin community.  

While Deputies Brentley Patrick and Mike Lawson were en route to the location, dispatch alerted them that the subject may be armed with a hammer and was actively attempting to make entry into a bedroom where children were.

Deputy Patrick arrived and observed the callers waving from a nearby window. The deputy made contact with the callers and confirmed the male was actively attempting to make entry into their room. Deputy Patrick then instructed the caller to hand the children to him through the window and secured a one-month-old and a one-year-old child in his patrol car.

Immediately after securing the children, it was reportedly determined the male subject made entry into the room. The deputy made contact with the male inside of the house, and he eventually complied.

The male was identified as James Hughes, 30, of Williamsburg, and was confirmed to be the two small juveniles' father.

Based on the investigation, Hughes allegedly had been drinking and possibly using illegal drugs. He arrived at the residence and rammed two vehicles in the driveway, and destroyed the front storm door and window. He then reportedly proceeded to assault one of the occupants of the home on the front porch prior to the deputy's arrival.

Deputy Mike Lawson arrested Hughes and charged him with two counts of Assault, Two counts of Wanton Endangerment, Disorderly Conduct, Burglary – Second Degree, Public Intoxication, Criminal Mischief - First Degree, and Resisting Arrest.

Williamsburg Police Department Officer Dorman Patrick and Greg Rhodes also assisted on the scene.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at the Kentucky Daily

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