Corbin’s July 3 firework show to be bigger this year

After last year's firework show was "a huge letdown," The Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission is determined to make this year's show bigger and better.

According to Corbin Tourism Director Maggy Monhollen, the contract with Pyro Shows promised to be a 20 to 25-minute show last year. However, due to technical difficulties, the show was only 12 minutes and 20 seconds and did not have a grand finale.

To fix the issue, Pyro Shows has offered to provide the 20-25 firework show again at $15,000 but also double the grand finale shell count. That brings the grand finale shell count to 468 alone.

“So that means the grand finale will be twice as big as last year’s,” said Monhollen. “We also know the cost of fireworks goes up every year. From 2022 to 2023, there was a 10 percent increase in fireworks.” She said, “Pyro Shows is offering us the same show with no cost increase so we’re not subject to that 10 percent. I personally feel like that is a very fair offer to us.”

Tourism Commissioner Victor Patel then suggested increasing the firework show budget to $5,000 more for the 2023 firework show.

“So not only could we have a great show, as is, but then we could top it off with another $5,000,” said Patel. “Then that would take away the public complaint, so to speak.”

Additionally, Monhollen would also like to bring in a DJ, various food vendors, and plenty of bubbles, costumes, and inflatables for all the kids at The Corbin Arena for family-oriented activities rather than the usual concert that’s happened in years before to celebrate Independence Day.

The Commission then unanimously agreed to increase the firework show budget to $20,000.

“We just want what’s best for the citizens and guests alike,” concluded Monhollen. “We want to leave a lasting impression!”

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at The Kentucky Daily

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