Corbin Public Library hosts Bob Ross paint-along

Bob Ross, the adored artist who taught art lovers how to paint “happy little trees” and colorful landscapes, was teaching at The Corbin Public Library on Monday afternoon.

15 participants (adults and kids alike) followed along with a YouTube episode of the late Ross’ television show, The Joy of Painting, during the library’s Bob Ross Paint Along event.

As he swiped out a masterpiece on the projector screen, giving step-by-step instructions in his soft voice, each person had their own interpretation of his work.

“That is what I think makes this event special,” said Program Director, Leah White. “It was great to relax and just have a fun time with each other creating.”

White said the library will continue to plan events like this one for everybody in the community to attend.

“We are also open to event suggestions, so anyone can call the library and let us know what they would like to do, and we can start that planning process,” added White.

Be sure to check out the Corbin Public Library’s monthly newsletter on their website at  OR follow them on social media.

Staff Report by The Kentucky Daily

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