Corbin man arrested after threatening deputy with a knife

A Corbin man is facing terroristic threatening, disorderly conduct, and menacing charges after he reportedly made threats and confronted a deputy with a knife on Tuesday.

The arrest occurred off American Greeting Card Road, just 9 miles south of London, after deputies were dispatched to a "suspicious person" complaint there.

Upon arrival to the scene, Sgt. Mehler encountered Cody Dickerson, 27, of Corbin, who confronted Sgt. Mehler with a knife. Dickerson reluctantly dropped the weapon, finally complying with Sgt. Mehler's commands.

Upon arrest, Dickerson reportedly made numerous threats toward Sgt. Mehler.

Dickerson was charged with Disorderly Conduct – Second Degree; Terroristic Threatening – Third Degree; Menacing and lodged into the Laurel County Correctional Center.

Samantha Walden, Staff Writer at the Kentucky Daily

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