City of London honors two fallen heroes

On Monday, the City of London paused for a moment to honor two fallen heroes, Lt. Travis Hurley and Sgt. Logan Medlock, both of the London Police Department. Both officers were lost in 2022, a loss that has affected the city since.

Police Chief Chuck Johnson led the department in honoring the lives and contributions of these two heroes. He spoke of their dedication, their commitment to the City of London, and their love for their families.

Family members were in attendance to see the ceremony and be honored alongside their fallen loved ones.

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The chief said that the wall with the officers’ images is the first thing officers will see when they arrive and the last thing they’ll see when they leave at night, keeping these two local heroes in mind as they serve the city.

Lt. Hurley died in January of 2022 of complications due to COVID-19 infection. He spent 21 years on the force as an active duty officer. Upon his retirement, he returned to the force as a school resource officer protecting the city's children. It is presumed his contraction and subsequent death from COVID to have been on the job exposure.

The city lost Sgt. Medlock at the end of October 2022 when his vehicle was struck by a drunk driver at the intersection of Barbourville Rd and South Main Street. Medlock had been on the force since 2019 and was the son of LPD Major Randy Medlock.

Billy Mosley, Lead Reporter for The Kentucky Daily

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