Bird to retire as Chief on August 31st

In a post on Facebook, the Williamsburg Police Department announced that he would be retiring.


Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird has announced his retirement effective August 31. He has faithfully served the citizens of Williamsburg and Whitley County for twenty-seven years. Prior to his promotion to Chief, he also held the positions of Detective, Lieutenant, and Sergeant and worked as a Task Force Officer for the London DEA. K-9 Ryker will also retire with him.

The dedication and leadership that Chief Bird instilled in the department and in our communities will be missed. WPD and the City of Williamsburg are forever grateful for Chief Birds' many years of commitment to ensuring the safety of our citizens.

Through the wisdom and skills that Chief Bird has shared with officers at WPD and other law enforcement agencies, his passion for protecting the public will continue to be felt for years.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."


Picture and Release from the Williamsburg Police Department Facebook.[0]=AZW9hZRv4m-05oi66hdPKn645w08fg3bS-TvrOAO9znbQzNayZVsJRTTbAmR-c5oXznjMm8miJIsSrGhtttDWdLGca4BfmYYyRcXf2QhgIIs7I6iHg0cIVqK07enObAZvozeisFrxEoHBr2NENu7GH8ovqEpa8Cps2esBO4B9EvXDw&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R

Staff Report, The Kentucky Daily

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