Barbourville mom launches ‘Cookies for Kids’

Birthdays are special, and one Barbourville mom wants to make sure all kids have the chance to celebrate their special day.

Kayla Abner, 32, is the owner of Knox County Sugar Company, where she has baked sugar cookies and cupcakes from her home on all special occasions since October 2022.

Now, as a New Year's resolution, she has decided to launch the "Cookies for Kids" Program, where she delivers iced sugar cookies for free to students who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

Why is this program special to her?

“My kids always look forward to their birthdays, specifically being able to celebrate with their classmates at school with a special treat,” said Abner. “I can’t imagine one of my kids going to school and thinking, ‘I can’t believe nobody celebrated my birthday.’”

Since its launch, she has received twelve orders, and she hand-delivered cookies to schools in Barbourville, Girdler, Coalfield, Flat Lick, and Middlesboro.

If you know a student who cannot afford to celebrate their birthday, Abner would like to help. She can deliver to their classroom for free. The request can be completely anonymous. All she needs to know is the school, the teacher's name, and how many cookies to send.

For more information or if you have questions for Abner, visit  Knox County Sugar Company | Barbourville, KY | Facebook

Staff Report by The Kentucky Daily

Photos by Kayla Abner

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