Baptist Health Corbin marks two important achievements

Amid a pandemic, Baptist Health Corbin is still one of the best hospitals in the state. This has been verified by the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) bestowing the 2021 KHA Quality Award for Acute Care Hospitals with more than 250 beds.

“The Kentucky Hospital Association Quality Award is presented to honor hospital leadership and innovation in quality, safety, and commitment in patient care,” the association's website says. “The goals of this award are to:

  • “Raise awareness of the need for an organization-wide commitment to highly reliable, exceptional quality, patient-centered care
  • “Reward successful efforts to develop and promote improvements in quality of care
  • “Inspire organizations to systematically integrate and align their quality improvement efforts throughout the organization
  • “Communicate successful programs and strategies to the hospital field
  • “Facilitate Kentucky hospitals’ alignment of quality initiatives with national initiatives”

The Critical Care Unit of the hospital was recognized for the detection and treatment of delirium. The delirium project was begun in January 2020 with a team that includes hospital providers, the critical care interventionist, and the well-trained nurses.

Earlier in the week, Baptist Health Corbin was recognized by the American College of Cardiology for its expertise and commitment to training patients with chest pain.

The hospital received the ACC’s NCDR Chest Pain_MI Registry Silver Performance Award for 2022.

To receive the award, the hospital had to show “sustained achievement” in the Chest Pain_MI Registry for a full year.

“As a Silver Performance Award recipient, Baptist Health Corbin has established itself as a leader in setting the national standard for improving quality of care in patients with acute myocardial infarction,” said Michael C. Kontos, MD, FACC, chair of the NCDR Chest Pain – MI Registry Steering Subcommittee, and cardiologist at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, said in written statement.

Through all of this, Baptist Health Corbin is one the most important places in the region for those who’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 and in preparing the area for prevention and treatment of the disease.

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