Assault, shots fired, Middlesboro man in custody, over a dog

Posted from the Knox County Sheriff’s Department Facebook: Last Monday night, Michael Allen Lee (21) of Middlesboro arrived at a Knox County home. He allegedly started an argument over a dog and assaulted a woman in the house. Police were told that Lee then got into a car, drove down the driveway a short distance, then he fired several shots at people in the home before driving away. This is the description of events provided by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Police were called just before 7 p.m. about shots fired and a possible assault underway on Rice Hill Lane.

After a search, deputies found Lee in the parking lot of the Wildcat Truck Stop. He was still in the same vehicle he was reported to have left in.

Deputies were able to find a .40 caliber shell casing in the driveway where witnesses say Lee shot at them from. Lee, a convicted felon, was in possession by Sheriff’s deputies of a .40 Taurus handgun with ammunition that matched shell casing found earlier.

Lee was arrested and has been charged with wanton endangerment – 1st degree, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, giving an officer false identifying information, and assault – 4th degree. He was also served a parole violation from Bell County.

The suspect is housed in the Knox County KY Detention Center.

The Barbourville Police Department helped with the arrest.

The incident occurred on Monday, November 22, 2021, but was not reported publicly on the Knox County Sheriff’s Department page until November 27.

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