Army Corps of Engineers will invest $14 billion to improve ports and waterways

On Wednesday, the Administration announced that the Army Corps of Engineers would be using $14 billion of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to improve waterways and ports across the country. The Corps will be working on over 500 projects in 52 states and territories.

The supply chain infrastructure has been stressed to the breaking point since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of containers sit on ships to be off-loaded or wait in ports to be brought to retailers and customers. According to the Administration, part of the issue is an infrastructure that has been neglected for decades.

The Biden Administration made commitments early last year to alleviate some of this pressure by updating and upgrading the supply chain infrastructure. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law contains billions for this purpose.

According to the Corps of Engineers, no date was given for when all 500-plus projects would be completed, but work will begin immediately.

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