Andrew Taylor talks about Marshall University

Former Corbin High School basketball standout Andrew Taylor found his way to Marshall University and says it's been a perfect fit for him. He talked about growing each year and making friends.

“I would describe the journey as building blocks,” the rising senior said. “Every year, I am growing as a person on and off the court. I am a part of a special tradition at Marshall. I am surrounded by a strong support group and have made friends for a lifetime.”

Taylor has had many special moments during his college basketball career, including a trip to Indiana and being able to play close to home at Morehead State.

“The coolest moment I have had so far is playing at Indiana and scoring 20 points or so,” Taylor said. “Another favorite moment is my first game at Morehead State. Just being out there made me feel alive again.”

In April, Taylor received a special award called the Mike D’Antoni Mr. Marshall Award.

“The award was special to me,” Taylor said. “As a rising senior, it is time to step up as a leader and do everything I can to make sure everyone is on board with the goal. To make it to the dance. And, to represent Marshall respectfully. That means taking care of your work in the classroom, being a good teammate, and giving your best effort regardless of the critics. I will lead by example this year.”

Taylor is gearing up for his senior year at Marshall University, but right now, he has decided to come back to Corbin and offer lessons to young basketball players who hope to play at the college level one day.

“I teach the local youth because I have experienced the blessings and joy that basketball can bring,” Taylor said. “I want to pass my experience on to kids in the area.”

Taylor teaches the same lessons that helped him reach the college level.

“My basketball lessons are exactly what I do to this day,” he said. “I put my kids through the same process I have used to get where I am. I am continuing to learn and study the game daily.”

Taylor said he has one goal to reach before he leaves Marshall University, “The goal I have left is to dance in March.”

Anyone interested in basketball lessons can reach out to Taylor via his Facebook page.

Tim Branstetter, Sports Writer for The Kentucky Daily

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