About Us

The Kentucky Daily was established to provide an unbiased news source for Kentuckians primarily in the Laurel-Whitley-Knox Tri-County Area. Formed in part as an incubator for new and burgeoning journalists, The Daily is committed to helping aspiring journalists obtain the experience necessary to become respected professionals while keeping our news outlet fresh and innovative, with an emphasis on disseminating newsworthy material utilizing the latest in information technology.

Our vision is to be an information hub for Kentuckians and to keep citizens informed of the happenings in their communities, including politics, crime, and local events. We aspire to be a news source that will cover all aspects of each story, so that our readers may understand a story or event from multiple perspectives.

We value the spirit of unbiased reporting while preserving journalistic integrity. Aspiring contributors are welcome to submit stories for publication. We hope to establish long-lasting relationships with up-and-coming reporters and groom these young professionals into recognized national and international voices dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of truth.

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