47 missing in Chinese coal mine collapse

According to state media, Friday, search teams searching for 47 individuals who went missing following an open-pit coal mine collapse in northern China had to alter their excavating techniques to prevent triggering future landslides.

As of Thursday night, broadcaster CCTV reported that six individuals had been confirmed deceased, and six more had been injured at the mine in Inner Mongolia's Alxa League.

Backhoe and bulldozer excavation can increase the likelihood of more collapses at the mine because of the size of the collapsed area. According to reports, the personnel are adjusting their rescue plans by excavating by layers and creating trapezoidal descents to continue their search from both sides of the mountain.

Heavy equipment was seen working on the upper level of the collapsed structure on Friday, looking for trapped automobiles and unaccounted-for people.

“It is very challenging to conduct rescue work,” head of Alxa League in Inner Mongolia,  Li Zhongzeng, told CCTV. “Rescue workers from everywhere, including those in neighboring regions, are rushing to the site.”

The initial collapse happened at about 1 p.m. Wednesday, local time. The event was recorded on video that has been shown on Chinese TV. It shows a huge wall of reddish sand or dirt collapsing onto mining vehicles lower in the mine.

Another landslide stopped rescue efforts for a day.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for an all-out search and rescue effort.

Image of coal mine similar to the one where the collapse happened by Herry Lawford from London, UK - Inner MongoliaUploaded by Zolo, CC BY 2.0,

Bob Peryea
National Correspondent
The Kentucky Daily

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